Cashew Chemists "Fine tunes" Print tee

from Cashew Chemists


Cashew chemists "Fine tunes" Print tee on soft, comfy cotton material. Perfect for rocking out in the Singapore tropical heat (or anywhere else in the world with varying temperatures)

Artwork designed by Caleb tan (

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Cashew Chemists Singapore

Cashew Chemists is a rock band from sunny Singapore. Consisting of Yuji (vocals), Brian Chia (guitar), Ulrich Chia (guitar), Elliot Sng (bass) and Zachary Chia (drums), Cashew Chemists is heavily influenced by a range of blues and pop-rock music of the 50's to the '70s, and seeks to enchant you with their dreamy songs and jazzy harmonies on top of twiddling surf guitar and classic bluesy bass. ... more

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